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Re-Consider Schools and Camps For Your Troubled Teen

These days it has become quite difficult to find best help for your troubled child. Parents face lot of problem while selecting best help for their struggling teens. Most of the helpful information available online are not good enough.  Keeping this is mind; we have reviewed thousands of parenting websites with the help of professional educational consultants. Parents can now use TroubledTeensGuide.com for sending enquiries directly to top boarding schools and programs for troubled teenagers. Parents can also discuss their problems with placement specialists and tell them how those problems are affecting you and your child mentally, physically, socially. Here at TTG we attempt to educate parents about different types of services? And how these help options are good for their child.

Like there are many types of schools and christian programs which provide friendly atmosphere and solutions to struggling families. All these programs and treatment centers help the families in crises and make their children a better human being.


Know litle more before helping Teenagers in problem

Some specialized services like group homes are designed specially for troubled girls and boys. At present, group homes are very new for parents. But facts say that these homes turn into their own home for troubled teens. More specialized services based on teen’s  situation can be adopted, which are wilderness program and boot camp. The most frequent teenage problems are:

  • Lying Habit
  • runaway problem
  • Self abuse
  • Teenage pregnancy and more...

    TroubledTeensGuide.com Provides Top Private Boys and Girls Boarding Schools in the USA. And also find resources for teenagers & parents living in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada.


Best boot camps, brat camps for boys have been listed here. Helpful information for your teenagers health.



The major girls boarding schools, christian schoo for boysl are listed here.



The top most summer programs & wilderness programs for grils help are mentioned.


Parents Resources

Help for Troubled Teenagers Parents

Teenage is a joint point of childhood and adulthood. In this period they find an unknown changing in their body and mind. So, due back guidance of others and less communication with parents they become troubled teen. Seeing child's condition their parents also became frustrated. They feel bad and guilty for their kid’s behavior and habits. Then parents search a helpful atmosphere for self and for their children. Yes, special program and girls school will help unmotivated teenagers but, parent’s behavior with their children play an important role. Sometimes taking parent coaching helps to solve many problems.

We provide some solution for parents help. For example there are many boys military schools and summer programs which work continuously for teens treatment. These places are very helpful for struggling teen, girls and adolescents.

There are many types of summer programs which help from different type's physical and mental problem. But, coed christian schools can address both your child's behavior and help them catch up academically and improve their work. And can give parents hope for their teen's academic and professional working future.

In this series the private catholic boarding school also provide their service for christian girls and boys help.

Wilderness and boot camps in the mountains, desert, or other natural areas, learn to make their food, gather water, and build fire without matches. The natural environment dictates cooperation among participants, which helps to build positive peer relationships.

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