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Troubled Teens Guide - About Us

Troubled Teens Guide is a site which is here to help parents and troubled teens to find information about how to deal with it the best way. Not only one brain but many brains are behind the making of this site and behind the almost daily updating of information.

Unlike other sites, Troubled Teens Guide care for you and for your teen and our aim is to provide the best information and to keep it up to date. Being a site which is not sponsored by any school, we do not try to promote any school. We try to give you the right information about schools and camps without any bias.

We also try to help you into making the difference between all the various kinds of schools and camps by explaining you how their work exactly.

Troubled Teens Guide was created to help spreading information about:

Boarding Schools
Boot Camps
Summer Camps
Wildness Programs
Residential Treatment
Military Camps and Programs
Struggling Teens Resources
Troubled Teens White Papers

You can now add your schools, camps, programs or rehabs on TGG and get maximum benefits. All this is totally free. Just fill this small form and start getting enquires from parents.

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