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Parents Testimonials

It was really simple to find best help for my son using your website. A specialized educational consultant called me and helped me to find the best school for my troubled son. School's staff and course is good and my son is doing well.
Michal Phillips
After sending one query from your website, I received many phone calls and emails for different schools and camps. That was extremely helpful for us. Thanks to you my daughter got the right place and is improving
Clark Matthew
Finally my search has come to an end. Before using your website, I was not able to find good camps for my troubled teen. You consultants helped me to find the right camp for my child which was also near to my home. This website is also good for local search.
John Walter

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*Please Note: Most of the schools and programs for troubled teens are going to run between $1500 to $8000 per month in tuition costs.

There are some schools that accept insurance.
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