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Helping Troubled Teen

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Helping Troubled Teen

Is your teenager in trouble? Or is your teenager just a normal adolescent going through the rising care of flattering an adult? There are some tell-tale signs of a truly troubled teenager. Parents should be on the look out for these signs and take a closer look should they be familiar with a number of them in their teen.

Parents who take an honest look at their child should trust their instinct; if you think your child is in trouble, take action now.

Signs of trouble in your teens

There are understandable clues, that you can get when your teen in troubled and need your help. These signs are:

• Behavior that does not fit in. If your child is considered weird or odd by peers, it should be cause for concern. Not only is it painful for an adolescent to be an outsider, but it could signal a serious psychological disorder.
• Problems with friends. Normal teens focus on their friends. In fact, their peer group often becomes more important than their family. When a teenager is a recluse, it may be a sign that something is seriously amiss.
• Difficulty with school. Refusing to go to school is an instantly recognizable sign that something is wrong. The same goes for a marked change in school presentation.
• Depression and anxiety. Children who are consistently sad, anxious, moody or negative may be experiencing the symptoms of an emotional problem. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers.
• Trouble with alcohol or drugs. For many teens, testing with alcohol and drugs is part of growing up. But if this experience is accompanied by a drop in grades or becomes a regular occurrence, it is time to seek help.
• Destructive behavior. When a child hurts himself or others, it is a red flag he or she needs help. If your child has a run-in with the law, it is a clear call for help.

Parents often ignore the signs their teen is in trouble, explaining issues away with such beliefs as: It is a normal phase of teens; He or she will grow out of it. If you feel your teenager exhibits behavior that is impacting his or her academic performance, peer or other social relationships, or physical health, the earlier the intervention the better.

Parents now understand that many troubled teen is needs to be removed from their current environment in order to make positive changes. When troubled teens are removed from their current atmosphere, the first step toward progress is made. Many programs exist to help teens and families seeking change. Local and low cost opportunities may be found in counseling and mental health centers.

It may be helpful to, approach your teenager in a non-aggressive way at a time where you know that his/her temperament is not particularly sensitive or susceptible. Show him/her that you are not the enemy here! In fact you want him/her to know that you are quite the opposite. And if at times you do impose rules for him/her, it is not because you take pleasure in taking pleasure away from your teen. It is because your concern for him/her, prompts you to help him/her achieve a balance in his/her way of life.

It is really important to make resources that can help troubled teens and their families. There are many professional available for helping troubled teens. Many parents fail to understand their child’s feeling. They fail to react in positive manner. Parents must contact these professional for helping their teenagers.

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