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The site is dedicated to provide the information on best schools and camps present in US for troubled teens help. Some of the famous schools and camps for troubled boys and girls are as. All campus are different, so parents are requested to visit campus before the admission.

1) Heart Light Ministries

Heart Light Ministries is located at Hallsville, Texas. This academy was founded in 1989.This academy is dedicated to provide help and hope to troubled teens in need. This Heart Light Ministries generally offers 9-12 month program through 5 levels. This academy offers coed year rounded program. This Heart Light Ministries provide best teens counseling programs which also involve family. Consultants meet with the family members during the on site retreat and weekends and also converse with the parents via email. Teens who want to get more information about this school can also visit the admission inquiry page; with the help of this page they can online get details of this Heart Light Ministries.

2) Abundant Life Academy

Abundant life academy is situated at St. George, Utah. Between 12 to 17 years old girls and boys can get admission at this Abundant Life Academy. The school also provides family restoration programs and guidance programs for parents in order to support them in handling troubled teenagers successfully. This academy offers certified and year rounded education programs. This school focuses on some of the following programs such as:-

- Academic Mastery
- Spiritual Reconnection
- Emotional growth and intelligence
- Advanced leadership training
- Family Restoration

Along these programs this ALA academy focuses on community services, this community based programs are highly valuable component for troubled teenagers. Leadership programs offered by this academy are exclusive in nature.

3) Oakridge Military Academy
Oak Ridge Military Academy has completed 160 years of existence. This academy is committed to provide structured and purposed life style to every girls and boys. The school is located at Oak Ridge Road in North Carolina. This school offers some of the following beneficial programs for a cadet such as:-

- College preparatory academic curriculum
- Leadership program administered by JROTC
- LET curriculum
- Physical education etc

This academy give emphasis on English, math, Science, Foreign languages, History, Electives, Army JROTC, P.E/Health and fine arts. There are some of the following foundation supported Oak Ridge Military Academy missions such as:-

- David Belk Cannon Foundation
- Community Foundation of Gaston County
- Duke Energy Foundation
- North Carolina Community Foundation
- Wachovia Foundation etc.

4) Resolution Ranch

Resolution ranch is accredited through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. It is located at beautiful and peacefully surrounding of Texas. It is placed between Austin and Dallas. Therapeutic residential facility which is offered by this camp is available for thirteen to seventeen age group troubled teens boys.

Like the troubled teen boot camp, this Resolution Ranch does not follow military kind tactics but this academy focuses on individual therapy program. Resolution Ranch give importance on some of the following values such as:-

- Teen reintegration of values
- Discipline
- Physical and spiritual programs
- Academic and emotional development programs

This Resolution Ranch is famous for counselors, community, twelve step and R.A.N.C.H experience programs. This academy is proud member of SACS and offer PLATO® curriculum.


This is a great website with all the resources you would need to help your troubled teen. Check this website to know more about the help your child might need to recover fast.

4) Unmotivated Teens - ITIURD Troubled Teens Group

A very old group which has now decided to help parents with their low cost troubled teens services. A great website with lot of information about their and their partners all over USA.

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