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Company Name: 4 Troubled Teens

Troubled Teens - Help for Parents of Troubled Teens

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All troubled teens schools and youth programs have been reviewed by the Troubledteensguide.com

Website Theme: Help for Parents of Troubled Teens

This is the website for the help of parents and their troubled teens. If you are looking for a boarding school or treatment program then this can be a good choice for you. If you search term “Troubled Teens” in Google you will find this website at the first position.

This website also has special article section for troubled teens, struggling girls and boys. The section is called featured article section for troubled teenagers.

You can also find information on Childhood Obesity, Overweight Children & Diabetes, The Problem of Bullying, When Is A Child an Adolescent?, Adolescent Therapy.

Moreover, it has been stated at the bottom of the home page that website is sponsored by Aspen Education Group, a leader in therapeutic and education alternatives for struggling teens.

- Phone NO: (866) 828-0178

Links found on website are:

- What Is A Troubled Teen?
- Signs of Alcohol & Drug Use
- Depression in Teenagers
- Wilderness Therapy
- Preparing Your Teen for Summer Camp
- The Argument for Single-Sex Schools
- Co-dependency vs. Tough Love
- Troubled Teen Blog
- Learning Disabilities
- Oppositional Defiance Disorder
- Failing School - Dropping Out
- Options After High School
- Resources for Parents of Adolescents
- Residential Programs for Troubled Teens
- Site Map

4 troubled teens focuses on schools for troubled teens, programs for troubled teens, help for parents of troubled teens, and therapy for troubled teens.

Parents Speak

I do not think that i will take any help from 4troubledteens.com. Their Website is not helping me do make informed choice. My teen has run-away problem. Can anybody help me to find nice program for my son.
I would like to talk with you regarding my troubled teen. He is my son, 16 years old. I am very upset with his behavior. He is in bad company and habits. I think he is now taking some drug as well. I need to know, what kind of help you can provide to my son. I am very in a factory and have less money. Can you arrange student loan for him as well?
Calmiy Zeat
It is really sad to know about your son. But, you don't worry so much. I had some situation few years back. My son was not doing well in school and he had lot of new friends which he never talked about. But, my son improved after enrolling him in boot camp near Utah.
Hey! Thank you Calvin for your advice. I will also look for boot camp for my son. I have read important things about boot camp and I think boot camps are specialized in helping troubled teens.
My son not doing good these time i have so much problem what i do for my child?
I have an 18 year old teenager who is totally out of control. She is skipping school, having sex, and everything else you can think of. She blatantly lies to you in your face and gives you that look that makes you want to kill her. Her grandmother is about to put her out. They live in Brooklyn New york. The problem is that I have very little mother becausse I am a single parent. Can you help? We desperately need it.
Carlos, you are doing right thing for your troubled boy. Find the best option for your son. It is good that you are paying attention towards your growing teen. This is the age when child needs real support and help from parents.
Carlos, you are doing right thing for your troubled boy. Find the best option for your son. It is good that you are paying attention towards your growing teen. This is the age when child needs real support and help from parents.
i am in really need of a school or a camp but it has to have christian values (catholic) i have a daughter she is 15 yrs and that is not doing good in school she has .bad grades (failing ) ,bad friends and i think she is trying alcohol. for sure she is having sex .she has a bad mouth and i see she always depress and moody ,very sensitive in felling and a big factor she does not trust anybody . .and she have try to suicide her herself with pill and run away from home and she lies and tricky ,manipulet and the boyfriend she has is not good she explode like a bomb and blame my for all the thing to happen in her life she said she HATE me and is abuseb with family with bad mouth and some time pysically.i am very concern for her own safety and others i need help soon i am afraid that she may go away or do something please help me to fain a place soon thank you i need a school or camp in Houston texas ..

jackie chen

Parents are advised to research bonafides of schools and programs independently. TTG shall not have any responsibility in this regard. Be the first one to review this school Add a Comment

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