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Company Name: Athletic Restoration

School for Troubled Teens for Athletic Restoration

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THEME: A boarding school for troubled teens for athletic and academic renovation.

ALA4Christ is a Christ-centered boarding school for youth of age 14-17. It provides special services to troubled teens which help them to restore their academic and athletic career. The main objective of ALA4Christ is to provide help to teens in making right choice for betterment of their academic or athletic future. It helps the young men to make their academic and athletic dream come true. Moreover it provides all the necessary guidance to help students in earning an athletic scholarship from excellent university. The duration of program is 9-12 months which runs on trimester basis. This program is based upon 3 key factors: know yourself, choose yourself and give yourself. ALA4Christ has safe and adequate fields and courts for different sports. It also has weight-room. The coaches are highly experienced and give training in a friendly manner. They make students mentally as well as physically strong and also make them hardworking as well as focused towards their athletic goal.

ALA4 Christ gives facility to each student in participating in different sports such as football & cheerleading, basketball, baseball & softball, and volleyball. Other sports facilities are: competition with other small schools, regular exercise, etc. ALA4 Christ provides environment for developing positive values, learn Christian sportsmanship, leadership skills, team work, determination, and build relationship & enjoy with fellow students. ALA4Christ also provides on-going family restoration via different modes such as online studentís notes posted by staff (available 24X7), weekly studentís phone calls, and parent education by telephone, parent coaching workshops, and conferences.

Information for the parents of struggling teenagers:
Many people are god-gifted ability of athletics. But the choice of a good athletic or academic career is necessary for a person so that he can reach to his goal. This aim is set in the mind of the person at teenage. Thus, it is essential that a teen should opt for right university where he can get scholarship as well as high-quality training. Now-a-days the teens are less motivated and are indulged in drug and alcohol abuse activity. Also they got involved in bad company of guys. Most of the teens loose hope for obtaining a good career. This is all because of their bad choices. ALA4 Christ is devoted solely for help these victims for a successful academic or athletic life.

For more information in ALA4Christ's Teens Athletic Restoration please check below pages from their website:

Overview: Information on the objective of ALA4Christ.

Our Program: Details of the program conducted by ALA4Christ for teens and family.

ALA4CHRIST Facilities: List of all the facilities provided by ALA4Christ.

Athletics/Physical Recreation: Details of sports and other competitions and athletic activity conducted by ALA4CHRIST.

Parents Speak

I am a single parent, who divorced 2nyears ago. I desperately need some help for my trouble teenager.Her name is Bioncha. Please send me some information on getting help for her.
Dora Tillman
my son is a former football player with anger, drug, and now court issues. Is there any help out there. He has so much potential and he just making bad choices.
Melva Hobbs

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