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Company Name: Christian Boarding School

Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

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Website theme: Abundant Life Academy which is the best Christian school for troubled teens.

Abundant Life Academy is the best boarding Christian school for troubled teens from 12 to 18. Putting Jesus at the hearth of their work, ALA has become the most successful school in the States. It has now two schools: one in Kanab, Utah and a second one in Jesup, Georgia.
Having a very complete and highly informative site, ALA proposes you an online form to get immediate help. Moreover, criteria for enrolment are available online and application form too. The most important criteria is the family (which has to be comprehensive and which should look forward towards reconciliation).ALA is not a co-ed school. Boys and girls are in different sections.

ALA offers summer programs which allow you to send your teen for few weeks to such a great school. And being a boarding school it also offers yearly programs.

ALA believes that “Jesus is the only answer for troubled teens”

call on 505-391-0574 or 505-391-0574

Lot many services for troubled teens:

- Teen Summer Programs
- Boarding Schools for Boys
- Schools for Teens
- Christian Boarding Schools
- Programs For Troubled Teens
- Camps for Troubled Teens
- Alternative Education

Parents Speak

Would I send my daughter to boot camp ,boarding school or what. She has been out of control since the 7th grade. Basicially not attending school since then. She's now a sophomore 15, on drugs,alcohol,totally defiant. Living from house to friends house because when she comes back home she runs away. 4 reports have gone out from the sheriffs department but never a citation. I raised her to have Jesus as her savior but she now says their is no God! Help!
Melissa Marshall
I have a 14 year old step daughter and a 12 year old step son who basically run my home because there mother hasnt had control for years. I need them removed and I need this to happen quickly. Money is however the problem. They both get into trouble and are failing in school. OSS/ISS are the repeat paterns of behavior in school and they just handle business as usual.
byron singleton
We are looking for a residential Christian program for my 14 year old niece. She has run away for the second time. We are lloking for a program that will help her re-evaluate her choices that she is making that are not in her best interest. She has gotten involved with a group of young people that have values that are not positive. She has just made a complete change in behavior.
Elizabeth Evans
My niece is not on drugs but is dx'd with ADHD but I suspect she is bipolar or very, very ODD. Her mom needs help, a break, a place her daughter can get the help that my sister cannot afford to give her.
Sharon Bangert
I have a 14 year old little sister and she does want to go to school or listen to my mother and I. I just think that my little sister is going in the wrong path and just want to be like her friends. We need help.....
Have a 14 yr old son who is becoming disobedient and want to do his own thing,i am a single parent in need of help for my son please i dont want to loose him to the streets
I have a 15 year old boy currently I am unable to control him. He is on dagga dont listen when I speak completely out of control.
His school work is brilliant I need assistance.
A boarding school where discipline is controlled. His circle of friends is also a huge problem and bad influence.
Vanesa Paile
Do you have programs free of charge? How long are the programs? I really need help, my daughter hit me and got a knife and threatened me with it.
Angelica Alonso

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