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Company Name: Eastern Arizona Academy

Academy of Eastern Arizona | Positive Place for Troubled Girls in Arizona

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The Academy of Eastern Arizona is a school for girl teens from 12 to 17 years old. Their aim is to help your teen to lead a happy and healthy life once again. During the enrollment, your teen will go through few tests which evaluate what kind of help she needs moreover it will evaluate her mentally and physically.

At the Academy of Eastern Arizona, located in Holbrook, Arizona our program is planned to guarantee both the adolescent and the parent that life will get better through insistent worth treatment.

The objectives fixed by The Academy of Eastern Arizona are:

Individual Improvement
Individual Accountability
Service to Community & Others
Based on these three concepts, your teen will find a new way to live life in an organized way.

You can find a list of Qualifying Criteria and disqualifying Criteria on their site. Moreover the enrolment form is also available. They also have a form that you can fill up to get more information. The fee structure is also available on their site.

For more information call on: (866) 698-3362

Eastern Arizona Academy is a positive place to change your troubled teen girl.

Parents Speak

What are the best wilderness programs to look at that are mostly camping outdoors, and longer term, for troubled teens. For very difficult, angry males 15 - 18 yrs, with various problems- ( some of the worst of the worst), I'll take any / all information you have, please... Thank you
Don Rinehart

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