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Company Name: Families in Crisis

Teen Paths - Families and Teens

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All troubled teens schools and youth programs have been reviewed by the Troubledteensguide.com

TeenPaths is a non-profit organization who helps families of struggling teens and out-of-control teens. Special programs have been designed to modifying their child's behavioral issues and social skills especially for the boys and the girls from ages 7-23 yrs.

TeenPaths helps you for right time-proven qualified program, residential school or alternative boarding academy. Their programs are a licensed program, which give improving results and insures the accomplishment of the dreams that you desire for yourselves and your children. TeenPaths suggested services specialize in helping teens to gain self-confidence, control weight, overcome depression and other soft issues. And at the same time TeenPaths focuses on building successful relationships within the families.

TeenPaths evaluate the exact status of your kid and offer services teens need based on the kinds of needs families and parents might have. Which includes?

- Providing Helpful Tips
- Difficult Teen Test
- Self-Esteem Test

All evaluations are done free of costÖ

So, if you want to keep yourself away from the sleepless nights due to your teen's behavior do contact us. Types of problems:

Anger: Many things may make kids angry. That frustration can lead to anger.

Stealing: Teens know they're not supposed to steal, but they may steal for the thrill of it or because their friends are doing it. Most of the time teens steal money or any home equipment to fulfill their fantasies which they canít share with parents like going to pubs, giving late night parties, drinking everyday, giving costly gifts to girl friends and more...

Running Away: One in seven kids between the ages of 10 and 18 will run away from home. And there are 1 million to 3 million runaway and homeless kids living on the streets in the United States. And in most of the cases parents are directly responsible. To avoid this communication with your kids are important. While communicating with teens you can help him and guide him what is wrong? And what is right? But, all communications must be friendly and should be in the way which teens enjoy.

Addictions: It is needless to say that all forms of addiction are bad enough. Take professional services as soon as possible because treating drug addict is not easy. It takes skills and knowledge. And only professional working in drug rehabs can do it in best way.

Eating Disorders: Family meals that are breakfast, launch and dinner are the ideal time to speak to your kids and to listen to whatís on their mind. The communication that occurs over the course of a meal is critical for relationship between you and your kids and it helps out to understand the challenges your teen in facing.

Help for troubled teens, difficult teens, struggling teens and their families. If your at your wits end, try a specialty alternative school to modify negative behavior patterns, improve self image and encourage a new enlightened attitude.

Parents Speak

Do you provide parents coaching? And you tell me any place where I can send my child for personality development? My son is 14 years and he is very different from others. He is much unmotivated and also struggling in school. He has a bad company. Our entire family members are struggling due to him. We are in crises, please help.
Please donít worry, you can find many places for your childís help. Talk to professional and they will guide you. Places are treatment centers, troubled teens for schools and others are really helping unmotivated or gifted teens.
I am having major problems with my 13 year old son and do not know what to do or where to turn.
Angie Woodard
My 13 yr old daughter is tearing our family apart. She is defiant, manipulating, disrespectful, just getting by in school, running off, hitting me, unmotivated, lying, sneaky, sexually active?, deliberately turning my parents, sister, and brother against me, by telling them lies to get them to feel sorry for her. They actually believe her. Her brother, age 7, is on edge at all times, her step-dad wants to leave. she will honestly do things that she knows will get to him. Her real dad doesn't want to keep her full time to see if she will change. I am begging for a solution. Money of course, is tight, what options do I have? I love her! We can't go on like this!
my 14 yr. old daughter has been after 7 yrs. of court custody with mom was forced to live with her siblings with father while i was in hospital with stroke ... I now am having after over 2 1/2 yrs of Father 100% dysfunctional of no parental guidance have a daughter who has done drugs, possible pregnant from 19 yr. old (not) and alcoholic and seeing a physic Dr. i cant handle the transitional fight of her now coming back to me for she has lived on her own since 12, and rejects all parental guidelines from me. she has mastered manipulation and with my disability i need Bible help to save her which i have raised all 4 of my kidz in.... Can yu help me save her...????
Jessica Saewert

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