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Company Name: Find Treatment Help

Find Treatment Help

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All troubled teens schools and youth programs have been reviewed by the Troubledteensguide.com

Theme: Help to choose the right school or treatment for your teen

This site will give you explanations about different kinds of schools and treatments. The list goes like this: boarding schools, Residential treatments, behavior modification treatments, wilderness programs, juvenile booth camps, military schools.

It is very important to know what the different schools available are and which one suits the most. The differences can be slight but one should choose a treatment according to the teen and its need.

Please Feel Free To Troubled-Teenagers.org Any Time.

Toll Free: 1-800-250-3966
International: 1-435-635-7333
Fax: 1-435-635-9203
After Hours: 1-877-254-8696

Financial help is also available and few hot lines and help lines numbers are available.

This site helps teens with problems with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, bad peer group, motivation issues, depression, lying, stealing, and rebellious, defiant, failing at school.

For more information call on: 1 877 865 9935

Information on military schools for struggling teens,boarding schools for troubled adolescents. Great help for drug abuse, alcohol abuse, add, adhd, therapy, school placement.

Parents Speak

i need a boarding school for my brother who is 15 years old and already tried running away once the house is a battlefield. and the school (manarath al riyadh) is calling evertday with a new complain. we stay in SAUDI ARABIA, riyadh. any school will do private or millatry as long it helps misbehaved/trobled teens and gives them a better life.
I need information about a camp for a teen ager who wants to go behind our back with bad influence of a boy not to concentrate in school, poor grades and lie all the time, and not doing chores at home, extremely horrible attitude, contact me asap for a boot camp for 2 months. also for a 12 years old who is disrepectful. and no chores accomplishes at homel
Moni Elias

Parents are advised to research bonafides of schools and programs independently. TTG shall not have any responsibility in this regard. Be the first one to review this school Add a Comment

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