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Company Name: Girls Therapeutic Treatment

Therapeutic Treatment for Girls

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Website theme: Therapeutic treatment for girls

Once on this website, you have the choice between going for either a private, therapeutic
boarding school for girls or a safe, short-term placement.

The private boarding school goal is to offer a secure, affectionate, healing and testing atmosphere that allows female teens and their families to focus on positive and nice change by setting goals directed at personal and family wellness.

The safe, short-term placement offers to families and their teens some intensive care for those waiting for placement in boarding schools or camps.

For more information contact:

Dancing Moon Ranch Co.
P.O. Box 806
Chinook, Montana 59523
Phone (406) 357-3614
Fax (406) 357-3604

Help for troubled teens. Dancing Moon Ranch and Expeditions:

- boarding school for girls
- Girls wilderness courses
- Troubled Girls help in North-central Montana.

Parents Speak

Hey! I want to share my experience with Therapeutic treatment. Few years back my young child was suffering from depression and mental disorder. I took help from Therapeutic treatment for girls and now my daughter is married and has 2 kids. My advice to all parents is to talk to treatment centers and ask for help. I live in Montana and found help for my teen very easily.
Nancy Dingra
Thank you, Nancy for sharing your experience with us. I am facing same problem in my teen. His name is john and he is just 14. He is struggling to gain self confidence and courage. He is not like normal children. I am afraid. Can you tell me what should I do?
Jack Tim
I think you should contact educational professional to get help for your troubled / unmotivated teen. This website is itself helping parents to contact schools for teenagers help. Why don't you start this right away? Wish you best of luck... and don't worry it is just a time frame.
Nancy Dingra
I am muslim living in Montana. Can you tell me about your Therapeutic services only for girls. Please also tell me programs' cost and time. What about boarding schools for teens? Can i get information on girls boarding schools as well?
Hi, I am educational consultants for troubled teens parents and families. First, I want to say thanks to troubledteensguide for making such an interactive website. Second for parents, I guess each program and school is valuable for struggling teenagers. But, parents must clear all their doubts before enrolling kids to one of these places. Talk to schools and professional and ask them for their existing clients, talk with existing teens, search schools website properly (you can get good information).
Tim Walls
I think Tim is right, teens need help to problems. Sometimes parents can help and in critical situation professional help is important like therapeutic treatment, residential treatment, drug treatment. Finding right program for teen is equally important.
Getting help of Therapeutic treatment is a good idea. But most of the programs do not have this facility for troubled teens. Even boarding school specially designed for helping troubled teens do not have this facility. But, if parents search internet properly they can find good place for troubled teens that can provide Therapeutic treatment to teens along with other programs.
Therapeutic Treatment can be of different types. Which type of treatment your teen needs totally depends on his / her current situation. Type of Therapeutic Treatment for struggling teens are:

Individual therapy
Group therapy
Family therapy
Drug abuse treatment
Alcohol abuse treatment
helping for learning abilities and more
wow! this is great information for Therapeutic Treatment. You guys are really doing a great job for society. I will recommend your website to my friend. You can post your reply to contact him, He is interested in Therapeutic Treatment for girls.
I have a run away 12 year old girl, who was a totally different kid a month ago; track, soccer.. And now she is experimenting with drugs and alcohal, hanging out with older kids, not attending school, and oviously defying house rules..is there a good group home/brat camp/treatment center, anything that can help me reach my child, and help her, before i can anymore?
My 16 year old daughter has trouble making girlfriends. This makes her depressed. She has not developed coping skills. Help!
Ron Glazer
I am a mother not living with my daughters. My 15 year old daughter is having behavioral issues, hanging out with older kids and is, I suspect, in exploratory stage in alcohol and illegal substance. His dad wants her to live with now but she doesn't want to. How can I convince her to even just try to live with me? I am also looking into placing her in boarding school for troubled teens but I don't know which one is good and can't afford it. The monthly payment is one of the schools is more than what I make a month. What is the alternative for parents who can't afford this program? We need help soon before my daughter's situation gets worse but I don't know know where turn to where $$$ is not a big factor in decision making. Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope to hear from you
Mary Ann

Parents are advised to research bonafides of schools and programs independently. TTG shall not have any responsibility in this regard. Be the first one to review this school Add a Comment

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