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Company Name: Girls Treatment Center

Cedar Breaks Academy

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Theme: Girls Treatment Center only for Teenage Girls between the ages of 12 and 17

Cedar Breaks Academy is a residential treatment center for those teens who are suffering from emotional and behavioral problems. This is fully licensed academy. They offer their services to only girls of ages 12-17. They have highly trained staff and they offer academics and therapeutic programs to each teen. They believe that opposite sex attraction is the major problem so they enroll only girls. They offer creative environment and opportunity for therapeutic curing. Their goal is to make a successful resident. They also offer good academics and for that they provided trained staff and experienced teachers.

They enroll the teens struggling with following disorders:-

- family Conflict
- Personality Disorder
- Lack of Motivation
- Depression
- Bipolar Disorder
- Alcohol Abuse

Their educated staff try to recognize the causes which of academics failure. They help the teen to develop their creativity and responsibility. They also help then for their personal and social growth. Through personal growth, teens can know about the respect, responsibility, gratitude etc. They offer quality program to teens. They create challenging environment for teens such that they can gain self confidence. They also help pregnant teens, who are facing emotional, academics or behavioral problem.

Therapies provided by Cedar Breaks Academy are:-

- Equine Therapy
- Family Therapy
- Group Therapy
- Therapeutic Recreation
- Individual Therapy

This is residential treatment center for girls. Many parents do not want to send their teen to co-educational school or center. They scare about oppositional sex attraction. Cedar Breaks Academy also believes in these thinking. So they enroll only girls’ teens. They offer several facilities to teens. They enroll teens with emotional or behavioral problems. They give attention to individual teen. Their class’s size is small. The length of the program is 9-12 months. Before enrolling the teens to academy, parents can visit this academy. Their therapeutic program is very helpful for teens. They offer family, group, individual and equine therapy to teens. This is a good place for girls to change their behavior.

Useful Links:-

Home:-It provides the basic information about the Cedar Breaks Academy such as what it is and which types of teens it enroll.

Academics:-This section provides the information about the academic curriculum, staff, classes etc.

Contact Us:-This link gives contact information and a request form.

About us:-This link contains the information about Cedar Breaks Academy, staff, its location, and frequently asked questions.

Program:-This section contains the information about the programs offered by Cedar Breaks Academy to struggling teens.

Cedar Breaks Academy
P.O. Box 967
Parowan, UT 84761

Parents Speak

hello , my name is stephanie and im concerned with my stepdaughter . she has been diagnosed with depression and displacement disorder . she is also a cutter . through the years when she doesnt gett her way either with me and dad or with mom and stepdad she yells abuse . latelyshe has her 2 sisters involved with the local dcf sayiny supposively hre dad is beating her,me,and sexually molesting our daughter that is 3. she has been in and out of counceling on medication but the liesdont stop they are getting worse we have tried everything she has been in and out of lifestream,arnette house,and the centers she got bakeracted to the centers 2yrs agofrom the school because she told them some boy raped her then finally told the police she was lying. we even tried to have them get her for filling a faulse report andd they say the wont because of her mental state and her age she is now 14 and it just keeps getting worse
please please help us
is there any programs out there affordable she has medicaid to helpher and us we are so scared we are going to lose all the kids due to lies.

ty in advance stephanie and wayne
(stepmom and dad)
Us there any programs that are goverment funded. I have a real problem with my trobled teen daughter. I can afford to pay these fee. Can you please tell me if they have assitance.
A friend of mine has a daughter that has been in and out of children mental health hospitals with seveal diffrent diagnosis. Any where from Bi-polar to scitsofrinic and few inbetween. The parents are looking for a group home that uses the Applied Behavior Analysis program, can you help.
Jennifer Grace
My god daughter is defiant. totally thinks her dad is stupid. Runs away and will not go to school. Thought she may have been pregnant and will do things to get money
Her Dad is unable to pay an extreme amount of money but he will do what he can.

Please send help to find placement for her. We don't want her to end up like her mother
Thank you
Carolyn Scott
Stephanie - I have no idea how long ago you wrote that comment, but as soon as I read what you wrote I thought of BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder. Look it up, read about it - I'd bet money that's what your step daughter has. My own step daughter has it too and I feel your pain. It is hell to live through. We are in the process of trying to get her help. Good luck.
how to sign up for programs my pre- teens daughters are so discbiendence and i have tried everything to punishments, talking and now im fed up ,they need to learn how to behave and they are stealing from there stealing, and lying, they need to be better, i just wantb some help before they make the wrong moves
jada williams
how to sign up for programs my pre- teens daughters are so discbiendence and i have tried everything to punishments, talking and now im fed up ,they need to learn how to behave and they are stealing from there stealing, and lying, they need to be better, i just wantb some help before they make the wrong moves
jada williams

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