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Company Name: Help For Troubled Teens

Help For Troubled Teens

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All troubled teens schools and youth programs have been reviewed by the Troubledteensguide.com

Website Theme: Help for Troubled Teens

Troubled Teenagers Helpline NO: 1-800-637-0701

Website provides consultation services to parents of struggling teens. They are professionals working for teens help from decades. They have great knowledge of boarding schools and programs for troubled teens. They can suggest good option to struggling families according to their situations and problems.

Parents, teens and families consultation for:

- Struggling teens
- Teens with disabilities
- Drug abuse
- Teenage abortion
- Boarding schools for teens
- Even programs
- camps
- group homes for troubled teenagers

Topics discussed:

- Suggestions for Families
- How Badly Is Your Teen Struggling?
- Common Teen Drugs
- Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens
- Teenage abortion

You can find this website by the term “troubled teens” at 5th position in Google.

Information for parents with troubled teens

Parents Speak

Do they really give transport facility for troubled teens? I want to send my child to boarding school in California. Please send me teens transport details with pricing. I want to give my child a very comfortable and helpful travel.
It is great to know that you are helping parents of troubled teens. Yes, you are right? I can see hundreds of schools online but don't know which the best for my struggling teen is. Can you send me some data based on which I can take decision? I am ready to pay you for your services. But, please send him to most suitable boarding schools.
Hey! Even I want to know about boot camps specially designed for disobedient or out of control teenagers. I child really is in bad company. He does not listen to us. He speaks lie and remains away from home most of the time. I can't find out anything about his friends. Please help me...
My child is title bit different. He lacks in confidence. He is bad in studies and has no friends. I think he needs special boarding schools. I need a place, an alternate place where he can gain confidence and self-control.
I am very much interested in your services. My son is out of control and he has lying habit. He is not doing good in his school. I guess he is in real trouble and he needs more attention. I am looking help for my troubled son. Please help...
Is there any help for the parent that can not afford these high tuition fees for border schools?
Thank you
Loren Snesrud
My boyfriend of a year is kicked out of his house again and his parents dont want him back. He has no where to go because he has no friends other than me, and my parents wont let him back in our house. His family members wont let him in because his dad said not to and they are all listening. Where can he go to sleep at night?
I have a friend that i work with her child is uncontrollable. My friend is a single mother and has a 12 yr old daughter and a younger son. Crystal (my friend), as tried about everything she can't give her daughter a spanking otherwise brook will run straight to the police and say her mom is trying to kill her. Cystal is trying her hardest to help her problemed daughter but no matter what she does it always turns out worst. Brook will behave for a week then get to go to her friends on the weekend and turn around and sneak off from her friends house and spend the night with boys that are from the ages to 16-18 (my i remind you she's 12). PLEASE HELP HER SHE HAS TRIED EVERYTHING.. she doesn't want to give up on her, but she running out of ideas. (as she is a single mother and probably can't afford to do a lot.)

Parents are advised to research bonafides of schools and programs independently. TTG shall not have any responsibility in this regard. Be the first one to review this school Add a Comment

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