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Theme: Military Schools for Teens

This site will help you to find the best military school for your teen. They advise you a school for your teen according to its need. There are quite a few different kinds of military schools and programs for teenagers. There are long term, short term, residential, therapeutic, and wilderness programs. Knowing the difference between these programs is fundamental for a parent because it helps you to choose o right one.

For example: If your teen has some behavioral problem, a short term program wonít be enough to change your teenís negative behavior into a positive. This example shows you how important it is to locate the right program.

On their site, a form is available. Through this form you can get better and individualized information. Moreover, there is an entire section called FAQ where you can read the mist frequently asked questions.

For more information call on: 800-688-8706

Information on military school option for your troubled teen.

Parents Speak

Is there a residential military school for a 17 1/2 yr.old boy who is clininically deppressed, and having prpblems (lying) in school? There already has been use of substances in the past, has already been to treatment facility for 6 mos. what now?
Viviana Bastone
I need names of military schools for high school girls in the Pittsburgh, PA area or as close as possible.
we need help with our 8 yr. old daughter. she is very defiant. she is seeing a psycotherapist but she doesn't want to mind or do what she is told. we have always been consistant with her and our 14 yr. old son. he doesn't seem to have any problems. i married keith in 06' and adopted our daughter (his biological daughter). she was very excited about the adoption. she has been diagnosed with abandonment disorder. we need help this is tearing our family apart. please is there somewhere she can go to get help and counseling. she is only 8 yrs. old if we can get her help now maybe she will be able to have a normal life.
I have a 12 year-old son diagnosed with ADHD. He was on medication for almost 3 years (Concerta), but we stopped now it because it doesn't help him any more.
We are really so frustrated from his behavior; he is aggressive, doesn't listen, hurting his brothers and sisters, cannot really establish friendship, and has an average of C at school. We are trying our best to give him guidance, and take good care of him, but, the situation is getting worse.

I really need to bring him to the United States during the summer time to join any professional behavior modification program that might help him to maintain good behavior and improve his scholastic achievement.
Actually, we have limited recourses here in Kuwait.

I really appreciate providing me with a lost of in house programs to deal with my son.

Thank you

Dr. Ghada Eid
Department of Educational Psychology
College of Education
Kuwait University
Ghada Eid
Please I need a list of boarding schools in Illinois that would help my troubled 14 year old daughter. She runs away and doesn\'t want to study anymore, nor to live with her family. She wants to be Gangsta. Thank you!
I have a 16 y/o son that has been expelled from his home school due to behavorial problems and was enrolled in an alternative school called the Give Center East. He has since been expelled for the remainder of this school year. While attending the Give Center he was active in the Boys & Girls club. He has made great improvement. However, he lost his temper at school & was expelled. I need to find a school that he can attend for the next 3 month.

Parents are advised to research bonafides of schools and programs independently. TTG shall not have any responsibility in this regard. Be the first one to review this school Add a Comment

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