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Company Name: Ranch for Boys

Eagle Ranch Academy - Residential Treatment Center program for troubled teens

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Web Site theme: Eagle ranch Academy helps troubled teens to lead a better life

Eagle Ranch Academy is a residential education program for talented but rebellious teens. Teens have to be between 12 to 17 years old to be accepted. ERA will give an Intensive therapy, accredited academics, fitness, good nutrition and lifetime skills to become stronger and better men and women.

The ERA Campus which is a Residential School Campus is located on 2½ acres in St. George, Utah. It is a modern campus with buildings full of facilities like for counselling, medical, cafeteria, academics, computer labs and many others.

ERA gives intensive training from 6 to 10 months during which teens and their parents can attend seminars together. Era also gives scholarships to needy people.

For more information call: 888-698-7095

Eagle Ranch Academy
- specializes in behavioral modification
- Anger management
- drug rehabilitation

It is a residential treatment center for troubled boys for (12-17)years of age.

Parents Speak

My son was in relationship with Mexican girl. But, after sometime she broke up with him. Now, my son is in deep depression. Which troubled teen’s school or programs is helpful for him. And it would be great if any specialized educational consultant contact me. I am ready to pay constancy fee for my teen (son).
David Scott
If you are thinking about sending your teen to Diamond Ranch Academy, I urge you to keep looking. We pulled our son from the program due to many reasons. The therapists are not licensed or credited in youth development. They have a homeless level that your youth could be in for up to 60 days without attending school, and eating rice and lentels at dinner. The students get one serving and they must eat it all.They use food as a punishment. The youth that are there for the most part are unhappy. We visited and spoke with many students and found out that after 15 months at Diamond Ranch, they still had not graduate the program. The ranch is primarily run by the Diaz family who were very unprofesssional. We have since found another program for our son and are very happy with the results.
Valenzuela Family
i need a scholership for my son hes 12 and has ADD and he"s geting worse keeps getting kicked out of school i cant get help anywere
Wow, I can't believe the above (incorrect) comments about Diamond Ranch Academy. My son stumbled across this site while writing a paper for school. He is a graduate 6 months ago.

Of course the therapists are licensed! And the comments about food, the program, and the youth being unhappy, exactly the opposite experience we had.

The primary reasons we chose Diamond Ranch Academy were the therapists we met (and loved) and how happy the students were that we talked to when we visited. When we toured the school they let us talk to anyone we wanted, even privately!

We toured several programs before we made the choice. I think everyone should do the same. Find out for yourself. That's the only way to know for sure.

Adele Johansen
Adele Johansen
I am looking for a friend of mine for a boot camp to send her son. He is out of her controll and stuggle's with anger management problems.

The only problem is we are located in Australia and im having difficulty finding a boot camp in australia. Do you do international borders? Or is there any programme like this in Australia.


Tayla Jones
Tayla Jones

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