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Company Name: SNWP

Wilderness Programs for struggling teenagers

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Website theme: Second Nature’s wilderness programs.

Second Nature proposes wildness programs for troubled teens. They put together the most clinical therapies with essential behavioural interventions. Instead of teaching by instigating fear in the disturbed young person, Second Nature teaches responsibility and choice
Second Nature gives help to families with troubled adolescence, from the age of 13 to 17 years old. They work with teens who struggle with a diversity of affecting and behavioural issues like for example:

- teen depression
- oppositional defiant disorder
- and learning disabilities

These issues harmfully affect school performance, socialization, and self-esteem.

Useful information at:

- Why wilderness therapy: Tells why wilderness programs are useful for struggling teens
- Our programs: parents of troubled teens can find different programs
- Student behaviour: this will help you to understand your kids current situation.
- Admission process: It and best for sure.
- Adult Programs: Some adult programs for parents and families in trouble

Through its wilderness workshop of various lengths, Second nature aims to help your teen to become confident and to look forward to a bright future.

For more information contact: 866-205-2500

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