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Company Name: Treatments for Girls

Program Teen Behavior Modification - A Ranch for Girls in Utah

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Theme: Eagle Valley Youth Ranch offers treatments for girls

Eagle valley youth ranch is a ranch which is situated in Utah. This ranch is specifically made for girls from 12 to 17 years old. Their therapy is based on relationships. They teach teens to build up relationship and this building up trustworthy relationships will lead teens into their behaviour and lives.

They have three types of therapies: Individual Therapy, Group Therapy and Family Therapy. You can find a description of these therapies on their site.

Contact Girls Ranch Details
Phone: 866-842-TEEN (8336)
Phone: 435-679-TEEN (8336)

Eagle Valley Youth Ranch
P.O Box 163
Tropic, UT 84776

Eagle valley youth ranch also offers various kinds of activities to keep your teen busy and happy. Their activities are: Volley ball, soccer, basket ball and many more.

You can contact them by filling up their online form. You can also fill up their admission form online and pay by card.

For more information call on: 866-417-9587

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i just found out my daughter is using drugs crystal meth what can i do to help her?

does she need treatment she says shes not addicted?

i need help
orozco hortencia

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