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Company Name: Troubled Teens

Troubled Teen: Home - Schools and Other Programs for Troubled Teens

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All troubled teens schools and youth programs have been reviewed by the Troubledteensguide.com

Website Theme: Troubled Teens Destroy Families and Lives

Website specially designed and promoted to render services to troubled teens families. Special section developed for teens disorders. Website dedicated to re-uniting the families of struggling teenagers. Website has specially designed section or directory for teens schools and programs where you can find and search various schools and programs.

Type of Services

- Boarding Schools
- Teens Programs
- Military Schools
- Residential Treatment Centers
- Wilderness Programs
- Boot Camps

Website also provides financial aid options to the families of troubled teens like:

- Education Loans
- Donation
- Sponsorship
- Personal Financing
- Private Student Loan

To find a solution you can call at: 1-800-917-3959. Teens Helpline service available 24/7.

Troubled Teen Help. Listing of schools for troubled teens. Boot camps Boarding schools, military schools and wilderness programs.

Parents Speak

I agree that schools and programs are really effective for troubled teenís growth. I am looking forward to send my teen to best school or programs. My question is; which will be better for my teen. Are schools more effective than programs specially designed for struggling teenagers?
According to me, both schools and programs are equally important. It totally depends on teenís situation. If you think that your son / daughter needs long tem help then go for schools otherwise enroll him / her to short-term programs.
Most Boarding schools provides short-term programs as well. Parents must contact schools for information. The schoolís staff is really helpful. They know all kind of situations and they will advice best place for your child.
But, make sure you search all information before enrolling your child to any of these schools or programs. Most of the time parentís selects wrong programs. Best is to talk to educational consultant near to your home.
I have a 15 year old neice who is spiraling out of control. She has recently been placed in a group home after a "final" fight at home. She skips school, has stolen her stepfathers vehicle and crashed it, has damaged other people's property, complains of abuse in her home, and has tried to slice her wrists a couple times, as recent as 2 days ago (while she is in the group home). She's had no discipline at home, her mom drinks too much, too often, and she accuses her stepfather of abuse to both her and her mom and is abusive herself. I am unaware if these accusations of abuse to her and her mom are true or not, as my sister says they are not. She is truly on a distructive path, and I fear that another attempt might not be a minor slice of a wrist. As I mentioned, she is currently in a group home, and has already skipped school there, and she has only been going 1 week. She needs counselling, structure, dicipline, and constant monitoring, as well as an education. Her grandmother (my mom) is distraught, and doesn't know where to turn, like the rest of the family. I would like to take her in and help, but I have a 1 & 3 year old of my own, and do not want to subject them to an out of control teen.
Can you suggest somewhere for her to go??
Please advise..
Thank you,
Tina Stasyshyn
Tina Stasyhsyn
I am a 52 year old mother with a defiant 15 year old son living at home. I recently had a pacemaker implanted and suffer with other medical ailments. We live on a fixed income since I had to retire from my job due to to health issues. Is there a program out anywhere I can enroll my son that offers fin. aid?
It is getting increasingly more difficult to get my son to go to school and I believe he is heading toward the violent stage. I NEED HELP!
Valerie Lynch
i'm a single mom and i recently went back to work after 3 years disability. i have no money, but i really need to send my 13 year old son to a military school as soon as possible. can you please let me know if i will be able to get financial aid for a military school.please help me if you can, thank you for your time.

Parents are advised to research bonafides of schools and programs independently. TTG shall not have any responsibility in this regard. Be the first one to review this school Add a Comment

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