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Company Name: White Rock Academy

Teen Residential Program

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White Rock academy is a residential treatment program for teens of ages 11-18. The academy provides their treatment programs for both boys and girls. They help the teens with behavioral problems, low self esteem, adoption issues, running away and substance abuse. They provide several effective programs to teen to get their maximum potential because they think that todayís teens have more power to learn than before. So they provide educational programs, training, and several other services by which teens can achieve their goal.

The academy is located in Kansas State. This is licensed by the state government. They provide safe and structured environment to teens at their residential center. They offer several opportunities to teens to participate in several outdoor activities that help the teens for their emotional growth and positive change in their life. The professionals, therapists and counselors at are licensed and highly trained. They motivate teens and help them to improve their self esteem. The staff provides their attention toward individual child. The staff members maintain a friendly relationship with teens by which teens feel free and share their problems with them.

The academics provided by White Rock academy are also of good quality. They make individualized educational plan for every teen. This plan helps to increase performance level of students. Their highly trained instructors and qualified staff play a key role in teenís success.

The following are the therapeutic programs offered by the White Rock academy:-

- Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
- Individual Therapeutic Counseling
- Christian Leadership Counseling
- Group Therapeutic Counseling

Message to Parents

White Rock academy is a good place for the teens with various problems such as behavioral problem, bipolar disorder, adoption issues, peer pressure, pregnancy and substance abuse etc. This is the critical situation for the parents when their teen is in trouble. But they should take immediate and necessary step for their teen. White Rock academy provides quality care programs and services for troubled teens. They also provide good academics to them. In their structures and safe environment, your teen will free home like atmosphere. The staff at White Rock academy are trained and licensed. They provide unique therapeutic programs and also involve parents in their programs. If you are looking for a residential treatment center for your troubled teen, White Rock academy will help you. You can contact them at given number.

About Pages:-

Home:-Give the overview of White Rock academy.

About us:-Provide the detailed information about the academy such as what it is and why this is running.

Therapy:-Information regarding the various types of therapeutic treatment programs.

Academics: - Inform about the academic programs offered by White Rock academy.

Behavioral Problem: - Present a list of critical behaviors of troubled teens such as behavioral and emotional problems.

Staff:-Information about the administration staff, academics staff and therapeutic staff of the institute.

Admissions:-Present the information about the admission procedure, funding methods, and transportation etc.

Parents Speak

my sister is very suicidal, she will be 15 this Oct. this is he 2nd time shes over dosed! We need her to go to a christian home, preferablly Baptist or Pentecostal (Apostolic). If this is not a christian school, if there is any way, could you possibly refer me to another home. Need long term care. Thank you so much, have a good day
Emaley Parsons
I am seeking a local organization for my Son, he will be 13 in December. He would be considered a struggling teen. Very intelligent - lacks motivation to complete what he starts. Diagnosed with ADHD, behavior issues have had him kicked out of school 20 times this year. (he tries to be the class clown, and always distracts the rest of the class) PLEASE HELP in Kalkaska, Michigan
Michele Leader
Need info on teen male w/ drug and behavior problems. admissions, cost length of program
Amy Akins
I would like more information on
1.the program
2.information on tuition
3.do you except insurance
4.what insurance do you except.
5. what r qualifications
Tammy Cook

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