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Company Name: Youth Family Institute

Troubled Teen Help - Institute for Youths and Teenagers

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Web Site theme: Complete definition of ADD and ADHD and guidance

Youth Family Institute is a site devoted to help parents in quest of support with a troubled teen. This site will also help parents that are searching for help for children suffering of ADD and ADHD.

The most astonishing and impressive feature of this site is that this site gives the most complete explanation of what means ADD and ADHD which is rarely found in other sites. Those explanations will first of all clear up your ideas and will guide towards knowing if your teen needs help and if yes, then what is exactly happening to him or her.

Another feature about this site which is quite impressive is that this site gives you the meaning of Private Schools, Boarding School, Alternative School, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, and Boarding School for Troubled Teens. And they also give you a list of schools which goes like this:

- Private Schools
- Boarding Schools
- Boot Camps
- School for Troubled Teen
- Camp for Troubled Teen
- Teen Boarding School
- Christian Boot Camp
- Boy Boarding Schools
- Teen Boot Camps
- Private High School
- Juvenile Boot Camps
- Troubled Teen Schools
- Programs for Troubled Teens
- Christian Boarding Schools
- Girl Boarding Schools

For more information call : 1-800-429-5020

Do you need help for a troubled teen? Information for Struggling youths parents:

- boarding schools
- attention deficit disorder
- alternative schools

Parents Speak

I hava a daughter that cuts herself everyday and is depressed all the time. She has anxiety and refuses to do her best in school. Where is a good place to send her so they can help her?
I have an 11 yr. old daughter that is very depressed and has been hospitalized due to wanting to kill herself. She has cut herself on her arms. Could you help me find a school or program that might help her out. Thanks.
Alida Lorenz-Savage

Parents are advised to research bonafides of schools and programs independently. TTG shall not have any responsibility in this regard. Be the first one to review this school Add a Comment

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