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Company Name: Turning Winds Academy

Turning Winds Academy

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Services: Type:Coed

Turning wind academy is a therapeutic private boarding school for struggling teens. They help those teens who are struggling with depression, abusing drugs, poor family relationship and low self esteem etc. This academy is right choice for teens whose parents are seeking for boarding school or boot camp. This academy is a good alternative to boot camps. They offer safe and structured environment to struggling teens. They help the teens to improve their family relationship. They offer therapies once in a week. They focus on the individual student.

They help the teen with following disorders:
- Depression
- Substance Abuse
- Lack of motivation
- Low academic achievement
- Poor Family Relationship
- Resistance to change

They offer group home to struggling teens. They give safe, structured and therapeutic program to teens. Their main focus is in three categories: behavior modification, emotional stability and academic achievement. The length of their program is 12 months long. Staff maintains a regular contact with parents.

Their program is divided in three major phases:
- Orientation Phase
- Transition Phase

About the Links:

Home: - This section provides information about the Turning Wild Academy such as its mission statement, philosophy, and goal and provides treatment to which type of teens.

Admission:-This link gives information about the admission form, educational loan.

Academics:-which types of courses are offered by this academy and it also contains school components.

FAQ’s:-It conations the questions which are often asked by the parents of struggling teens regarding fee, admission, services etc.

Contact Us:-It contain the contact address of Turning Wild Academy such as mailing address, email address and phone number etc.

Types of Services:
Teens boarding school
Christian Boarding Schools

Address: P.O. Box 768
Troy, Montana 59935

Ph: 1-800-845-1380

Message to Parents: This is a co-education private boarding school. They use innovative therapeutic techniques and out door activities. They also offer other services to teen which include individualized therapy, teaching of appropriate social development etc.

My friend is thirteen years old. She was a very good dancer and had won many prizes in dancing competitions. Recently she met with an accident and fractured her right leg. Now she is worried that she will never be able to dance again. Her doctors say she will not be able to dance again in her life due to which she is in trauma. How can we help her?
The Turning Winds Academy helps the parents to guide their troubled teen to lead a normal and productive life. The institute provides structured academic, self discovering and therapeutic programs for the troubled teens. The program is open for teens of ages twelve to eighteen. The institute focuses on behavior modification, emotional stability and academic achievement.

Location: Troy, Montana

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