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Company Name: Turning Winds

Turning Winds

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Services: Theme: Private Boarding School

School for struggling teens in depression, in drug addiction, with poor social relationship, low self esteem and lack of motivation.

Turning Winds provides services to parents and families at very low cost. Your teens can get quality services which will help them to improve. Following are the services:

- Private Boarding Schools
- Therapeutic Programs
- Academic Institutes
- Homes for troubled teenagers
- And more...

Mission of Turning Winds is to help children in crisis, improve their confidence, self-believe and family relationships.

If your child (girl / boy) is suffering any of these problems then contact them for advice:

Teen Problems: 1) Defiance 2) Absence of self worth 3) Lack of motivation 4) Depression 5) Negative Attention Seeking 6) Resistance to change 7) Disorganization 8) Low academic achievement 9) Poor Family Relationships

Tool free number for parents and families in trouble: 1-800-845-1380

Important resources available on turningwinds.com:

About Us: Know about Turning Winds
Admission: For admission details and formalities
Program: For teenís programs description like Therapeutic Program
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Turning Winds claims to be ESN that is Family Solution Network

Types of Services:
Camp for teens
Teens boarding school
Teen programs
Schools For Troubled Teen

Address: Turning Winds
PO Box 768
Troy, Montana 59935
Phone: 1-800-845-1380
Fax: (208) 769-8199

Message to Parents: Complete information can be found on Turning Winds public website. Overall fee of the school is nice. Teens Parents can always contact school management for more details.

My son is 13 years old and he is suffering from many disorders. Thatís why he is not performing well in study apart from that he is also lacking in confidence and character. I just want to ask you if I seek for admission in your school then what is the period of the curses and method of payment.
You are helping the teens who are in depression, failing in school, abusing drugs, low self-esteem and lack of motivation. Your boarding school is also located at safe place and it is in good environment according to your popularity.

Location: Troy, Montana

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