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My 14 years old daughter is struggling with lots of difficulties such as dyslexia, learning disorder. He is not able to interact with the students and even the faculty members also. Her performance is also decreasing day by day. Sometimes she comes late at night and abuses us. Please suggest the best solution for my daughter?
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As far as your daughter situation is concerned, she needs special care. Several specialized counselors provide the individual counseling sessions, and cognitive therapy programs for unmotivated teens. Boarding school is the best option for your daughter, because in boarding school the faculty members are very experienced and friendly with the students and they give motivational tips to students.
Posted by: michal

Your fourteen years old daughter is struggling with dyslexia, learning disorder and many other behavioral evils, so I advise you to take her to any counselor for the best treatment. These counselors can easily solve learning disorders and dyslexia problems. Boarding school is also an outstanding option for your daughter as it helps your daughter to get well soon.
Posted by: meggi

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