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Hello, my daughter is 14 years old and she does not read and write properly yet and due to this, she is a bad student. Me and my wife, make it a point to spend at least one hour every day with her. We teach her reading and writing but she is just not being able to do to it. We are quite worried. Is it some blockage or something? Is she mentally retarded?
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Hi, I think your daughter needs more time and help than other children. Some teens, find it extremely difficult to remember sounds and to remember letters. And some can not associate a word with the object and due to this many sentences do not make sense to them. Maybe, your daughter is suffering from dyslexia or some other disorder which is related to it. This disorder is curable. You should take her to therapist. He will guide you right and he will help her out in a way not to be a troubled teen anymore.
Posted by: Alan Durkheim

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