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My son is 13 year old and still now he canít read and write properly. He always gets low grades in schools and sometimes even fails in some subjects. From the information I got from internet I think that my son is dyslexic. What should I do to help him? Is dyslexia a curable disease?
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Dyslexia in teens may occur due to many reasons such as central nervous system malfunctioning, hereditary problems etc. Find out the reason of his problem by consulting from a good doctor. This problem is easily curable by just giving proper attention and care to the child. There are special therapy solutions for such teens. Encourage him to take part in outdoor activities and creative fields.
Posted by: Matthew

It is appreciable that you understood your teenís problem at time. Most of the parents donít understand this and think that their child is not doing well in school because he is naughty and do not pay attention to studies. You can take help from a good therapist about your child. There are many good boarding schools for these types of teens. They provide professional help to the teens in getting rid of dyslexia. You can admit your son in one of these schools. He will surely improve.
Posted by: Nicholas

I would like to say one thing about this kind of problem. As per my knowledge he doesnít have complete interest on studies. So try to build up interest on studies. It is good to start telling interesting and courageous stories related to studies. So that it would bring him some interest towards studies. Experienced teacher guidance is very important in this situation.
Posted by: Charlotte

Every problem has an answer. So donít get frustrated with your teen. It is very important to care of him in this period. Because there might be a chance that some of his friends may make fun of his marks and grade. Talk to him about the situation and get compare with the best student marks and ask him the reason for his poor grade. If we talk slowly and cool definitely he would give you the correct answer.

Posted by: Kurt

I have not much knowledge about dyslexia. You have stated that your teen thirteen years old and still she canít read or write properly, it means she is facing learning disability. In this disorder teens can not understand proper meaning of world. You have to teach her practically and with examples. You have to deal your teen carefully otherwise she will turn into trouble teen.
Posted by: Lily

Are you sure that your daughter is not a mental patient. You have to take your teen to psychiatrist. Your teen need more care and love. If your teen is I deep trouble then you has to send her to therapeutic school. Therapeutic schools provide proper care to students.
Posted by: Natasha

By this age, children usually learn to read and write. There are different software and books by which you can learn about dyslexia and how to cure it. Encourage them in whatever they do the best. Many children with dyslexia are non-verbal thinkers. Give your child instruction on a page.
Posted by: Mellisa

Donít be afraid my friend. Your child can be cured. These days software for dyslexia is available for such children. You should also appreciate the little efforts done by him in reading and writing. You can also look for different programs for him that uses auditory processing to help your child.
Posted by: Lisa

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