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Discuss Teens Problems

TTG is stepping forward to start largest helpful resource for Teens and Parents. TTG invites schools, educational consultants and parents. We want you to participate by adding information on each topic.

Bad company usually spoils teenagers. If your child is invloved in bad company then this is the right place to learn how stop teenagers or youth from gang involvement.

Discuss Teens Problems

Posted on: Tuesday July 21, 2009
Alcoholic son with drug abuse and lgang involvement
Posted on: Wednesday March 12, 2008
Troubled teen having gang involvement wishing to heal
Posted on: Friday March 14, 2008
Behaviour change in 15 years old child, what should parents do?
Posted on: Friday March 14, 2008
Troubled Teen Son suffering from gang involvement
Posted on: Saturday March 15, 2008
Teen getting involved in gangs and being harmed
Posted on: Monday March 17, 2008
Son getting involved in ganags and ending up in police station
Posted on: Monday March 17, 2008
Teen becoming troubled teen due to his bad performance in class
Posted on: Monday June 02, 2008
Troubled teen getting rude
Posted on: Monday June 02, 2008
Troubled teen with behavioral problems
Posted on: Monday June 02, 2008

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