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Tuition Fees

This online resource http://www.troubledteensguide.com/ provides detailed information regarding different fees structure of schools and camps for troubled teen. With the help of this website, families also get information regarding different facility options of summer camps and their charges. After visiting category pages of this online webpage, parents get more details about the fees of treatment programs of residential treatment centers such as counseling fees and medication fees.

Fees of Boarding Schools in USA

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One time fee during admission US $
Application Fee 85 - 200
Registration Fee 800 - 1400
Refundable Security Deposit 480 - 700

Fees of Troubled Teens Camps in USA


PRICE (Approx)

Day Camps
Ages 7-17

From $725-$978/week

Extended Day Camps
Ages 7-17

From $952-$1,138/week

Overnight Camps
Ages 10-17

From $1,112-$1,499/week

Ultimate Gaming Weekends
Ages 12-17

Add $299/weekend

Fitness boot camps
Ages 15- Above

Starting from $78 per month 

The fees structure of some other programs for troubled teens are discussed below



Charges (Approx)

Wilderness Programs 


Residential Treatment Centers / Therapeutic Boarding Schools 


Christian Boarding Schools 


Working Ranches 


Military Prep Schools 

$2,983 to $4,863 per month

College Prep Boarding Schools 

$1,900 to $5,330 per month


Here we are providing information about the fees in approx that can be varying on the basis of programs and their time duration.

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